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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Good Morning!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I've just looked at the weather forecast above and it says sunshine and 12c.....I sure hope so, it's cold and miserable at the moment.


I have a few finishes I can show you, one is a quilt I just took some squares from a layer cake (Oasis by 3 sisters) cut some into 5 inch squares and joined them into 4 patch, also added some other charm squares I had lying about to make a pretty scrappy quilt.

I tried a different method of quilting, I traced the patterns on to greasproof paper (parchment paper, baking paper) and then quilted through it, following the lines (not so well sometimes!)  I am happy how it turned out, it isn't a quicker way of doing it.......there are a lot of bits of paper to pick out!!   It is an easy way of doing it if you aren't so good at FMQ, which I am not.

I think the quilt took me around a day to piece and the quilting took me a week!   


I needed a cover for the camper, the grill has a glass top covering and it has got scratched (previous owners not me!)  I didn't want it to get any more scratches so a cover of some sort was needed.  I used a panel I won  from Sandi at Legacy of Stitches

 I just cut up the panel and made this

Sorry the pictures are a bit dull, blame the weather, hopefully summer will arrive soon.

Will you stop putting that camera in my face!

Hugs from me and Sam xxxxx

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