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Saturday, 23 March 2013

A friend needs our help.....

This little girl  needs our help, it's easier if I just post the link to my friend Diane's blog and you can read it for yourself.

 Please help if you can, 

Thank you in anticipation.

Hugs Linda xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Reader...

Not sure how I missed this but just in case other people don't know, Google Reader is finishing 1st July 2013, so if you use Google Reader now may be a good time to find something else.... like I am going to have to do.....

And because I can't do a post without a picture here is one of the newest addition to our family.  Meet Noah, born at 10.00 pm last night (13.03.13) 7lb 12 oz... my new Great Nephew.

Hugs Linda 


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Practise or Practice, I'm never sure.....

Ha.... bet you thought I meant quilting!    No... we have been away for a few days getting use to our new camper, checking everything out, we even managed to get the TV to work (after nearly a day trying to find Astra  satellite!!!)

Just look at that sunshine, I had almost forgotten what it looked like.  Getting organised for our big trip now, so excited can hardly wait.  Sam goes to vets next week for his rabies injections, we have to wait three weeks then they will give him his own passport so he can travel with us.  He hurt himself a couple of weeks ago, not sure what he did, (probably fell off the wood pile chasing a mouse)  but he couldn't walk on his back legs, vets checked him out thoroughly (even checked his lymph nodes were okay to make sure the cancer hadn't returned, which was my main worry)  He had inflammatory injection and tablets and is getting better every day, he still has problems jumping up the steps, but is getting there.  I have told him he has to be 100% fit or they won't let him into UK......a bit of bribery can do wonders :-).

On the sewing front, I have finished two quilts and a wall hanging, but two are surprise gifts and one I want the recipient to see it first, so can't show you yet, here is a sneaky peek

I can show you a new floor cushion for Sam though... this is his new bed in the camper

I had just enough squares left from my star quilt and just used plain grey for the back, it's a really soft cushion so he loves it.

Happy days!

Hugs Linda and Sam 


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