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Sunday, 4 November 2012


Sorry to post again, but.... I have just opened Google Reader - which I do everyday - and find I have 573 unread posts!!! YES! 573 for goodness sakes!   Some going back to beginning of October!!  What is going on.  Does anyone else have this problem, it seems I am only getting a few posts through everyday, and then WHAM a whole bunch come through.

So I apologise if I haven't left a comment on your post.

Fed up now, hate missing out on all the gossip! (and I have probably missed a few giveaways too.... URGHHHH)

Hugs Linda xxx


Archie the wonder dog said...

573?!! Are you sure they're all new posts? I'd just chose all that are over week old and click 'mark as read'!

Diane H said...

LOL We know where your going to be for the next while.

Staci said...

It does that to me, too! I have gone to bed with my G.R. empty and gotten up to 1000+ posts in it, some that are months old. I have no clue why it does this and it drives me just crazy!!
If you find an answer, be sure and share it with me!

I had noticed your absence and wondered if you were on a long holiday or had house guests.
Nice to see you back!

Karen said...

Yes, I sometimes will have a dozen or more posts from one site and they are all old. Don't know why!

QuiltSue said...

I've heard others complaining about that before, and it's why I don't use Google Reader.

Wendy said...

If a blogger moves to another domain, I get weeks worth of their old posts, and sometimes it just happens with someone that I get all their old posts, but I'm getting them AGAIN, I have already read them - you might find you've already read these old posts too.

Fiona said...

haha...... one thing I have been doing is go through the posts in google reader to keep the numbers down... but it does mean limiting commenting!!! enjoy the reading!!

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