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Friday, 30 November 2012

Mini Holiday

We have been on a mini holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed it this is Mortagne sur Gironde we were able to park right on the quay side, so pretty.

Don't let that sun fool you, it was freezing!! Pleased to say the central heating was working perfectly!!

All set up for the night, can you see Sam at the's not me he is looking at .....but my new best friends!

He really wanted to play with them but we wouldn't let him LOL.

Sam also has a new name..... Houdini!!

Somehow he got out of his harness in 10 minutes flat, it's the first time he has done it but Lady was always doing it.....maybe she is now letting him in on the secret....... :-)

Hugs Linda xxxx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas has come early....

It certainly feels like Christmas has come early for me.  First of all Santa gave me this..........Oh and  that's sunshine for anyone who hasn't seen any for a while  :-)

Am I excited ?   What do you think!!!

Then I had a lovely squishy parcel (love squishy parcels) which contained  a giveaway I had won from Sandi,   A Legacy of Stitches if you don't know Sandi then you should, she has  a lovely blog. 

This morning I received an email from SewCalGal...........another blog you should follow, though I don't think I know anyone who doesn't....... telling me I was the lucky winner of Jill Finley's new book Home Sweet Quilt so pleased I have won this, I must have entered every giveaway for it!!  

So... like I said Christmas has come early this year!  Now all we need is some warm weather.... roll on summer!!!

Hugs Linda 


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The second dream....

My mojo has been on holiday again, I really am going to have to have a word with her about that.  She is back now and there is some sewing being done, on and off, mostly Christmas presents which I can't show on here because some people are terribly nosey... ;-)

But I can show you something.   As you know I am already living one of my dreams, well....... my second dream is about to come true, can you guess what is it.....

and I am hoping to see a lot of these.....

Sigh...... can't wait.

Hugs Linda xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Especially remembering my Dad today, who was one of the lucky ones, and came home.

1910 - 1996

Hugs Linda 

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Sorry to post again, but.... I have just opened Google Reader - which I do everyday - and find I have 573 unread posts!!! YES! 573 for goodness sakes!   Some going back to beginning of October!!  What is going on.  Does anyone else have this problem, it seems I am only getting a few posts through everyday, and then WHAM a whole bunch come through.

So I apologise if I haven't left a comment on your post.

Fed up now, hate missing out on all the gossip! (and I have probably missed a few giveaways too.... URGHHHH)

Hugs Linda xxx

Welcoming a new Blogger

Hi, long time no post... I know, I know, I don't seem to have the motivation to talk much, I can see some people clutching at their stomachs and laughing out loud, because usually they have to tell me to SHUT UP!!!

I have been busy with Christmas presents,  can't show you because I have some very sneaky friends who want to see what I am making but they will just have to wait until Santa brings it to them.

Just got a new bloggy friend, another UK expat living in France, she has only just started her blog so please go over and tell her Hi!   Fiona  blogs here.......

Did you say "biscuit" by any chance.......

A bientot

Hugs from Linda and Sam  xxxx

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