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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Tuesday Treasure

I am linking up today with Melody for Tuesday Treasures.  Today it's our pets and anyone who reads my blog will know Sam, but today Lady is my Treasure.

That's Lady in the middle.

Lady came into our lives 18 years ago.  I have told the story before but will repeat for my new followers.  We were looking for another dog to replace our old Setter who had died of old age a few months before.  Lady and her brothers and sisters had been left with someone who rescued cats and told if she didn't take them they would drown them.

She was a funny little thing, never still for one minute, we were told never to have her in the house as she was so destructive.  Well I have never had a dog outside so that wasn't going to happen.  She came home with us and straight away she settled, it soon because apparent her destructive nature was just attention seeking, well no worries there then, she got plenty of that from me and the hubs.

When we took her to the vets all the nurses use to tell each other she was there so they could all come and give her a cuddle, she was such a sweetie.

She sleeps most of the day now and we have to carry her outside because, she can't see so she can't negotiate the steps very well, but she is still very independent (a little madam really)

She doesn't like having her picture taken

Sometimes tolerates her brother....

This is her "will you just leave me alone" look

I wrote about her last year when she was 18, never did I think she would still be here with us today, 18 years and 11 months

My Tuesday Treasure 

The Lady of the House

Hugs Linda and Lady

Friday, 24 February 2012

Feeling better....

Update on last post, to cut a long story short we would have to pay 100 Euros excess on our insurance so checked garages and they all said the same 100 Euros for a new window... mmm could buy a lot of fabric with that . Decided before going down that road,  to check a scrapyard we had seen in the same village we take our dogs to kennels.   They had one, and "combien le prix?"....20 Euros!!  That made me much happier.  I did ask Hubby if this now meant I could spend the other 80 Euros on fabric..... he just gave me "the look" !!!   Guess that was a no then LOL.

But, I don't need to spend it,  because, I have been lucky in some giveaways again (I will say "again" before anyone else does).

First I won 5 FQs from Donna's in the Attic, thank you Donna.

and which ever way you look at it

or like this...

...or this....

...or even this.....

..winning 5 charm packs of French General Rouennieries Deux is one FABULOUS prize to win!!  Thank you Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop I love my charm squares.  And if there is anyone still left on this planet who doesn't know about the FQS go and have a look at their website, you won't be disappointed.

Have a good weekend.

Hugs Linda xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012


One guard dog......  

This is certainly not what I thought I would be doing this morning.   We were woken up around 6.30pm to a loud bang, not sure what it was hubs went to investigate, looked out of the front window...nope nothing there, he was just coming back when he saw a light shining in our garden...strange...looked through the window and two young lads were trying to open our gate, luckily it's very stiff and gets stuck....Hubs banged on the window and they ran off.

When we went to investigate, this is what the loud bang was

We phoned the police and they came out to have a look around and arranged for us to go to the local police station to make a report (luckily there is a lovely policewoman who speaks perfect English).  So we were in the police station for 1.1/2 hours this morning - whilst we were there the telephone rang and it was our neighbour reporting an incident..... I am not sure yet exactly what happened but it seems the two lads had rung my neighbours door bell at 6.30am this morning asking if they had any petrol, obviously they hadn't so it looks like they came to try and get some from us, how they were going to get the petrol out we have no idea and why they smashed the window, we have no idea.... but on the upside, my neighbours had seen these two lads pushing a car down the road and had taken their registration number - so we are hopeful that they will be caught and dealt with.

But if they are caught it won't help us in any way, we still have to repair the window and we are probably going to have to try and find one in  a scrap yard as the excess on our insurance is over 100 Euros, and if we claim we will lose our no claims may be cheaper just to repair it ourselves if we can.

Oh, and we were wondering what they used to break the window...until we found this

(That's glass in the corner)

They  used one of my planters from the side of our house to smash the window!!! Talk about adding insult to injury!!

So I have one Jack Russell for sale - but be warned he is not very good at guarding!!

Hugs Linda (and Sam) xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Unbirthday Present

My lovely friend Diane from Sideroad Stitcher has recently had a birthday and she sent me this gorgeous little doll quilt for my "Unbirthday present"

What is an "Unbirthday present" I can hear you ask, it's a little gift we send each other when it's our Birthdays so we each get a gift to open.

I've had a go at making another bag, I really like this one, but I still have problems with the lining...I never seem to be able to get it to fit right, this lining has a "baggy bottom" (and who want's a baggy bottom!!).  I made it using this pattern .

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