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Sunday, 29 January 2012

FMQ or OMG!!

Without flash

With flash

Mistakes, but I am getting better.... woo hoo!!

Hugs Linda xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Update on my last post....

I contacted Moda with regard to the 1/4" missing from some 10" squares, here is the reply I got....

Thank you for your email letting us know what you are experiencing. The accuracy of our cut goods is very important to us. We also, write patterns using the exact size of these goods, so know how important this is.

We expect our mills, who do the cutting, to produce a quality product, just as you expect to get what you paid for. Our VP of Design was just overseas inspecting how this is done to insure accuracy. After seeing the procedure and machines, she is stumped as to how this can even happen. 

We do hear a report every now and then of such inaccurate cuttings and appreciate knowing about. Our mills will be contacted again to check and recheck what they are doing. 

I am asked to have you check for one thing if this ever happens again. The mills have assured us that if they come to an "end" of a length of fabric, and there is the possibility of a short piece, they add in another of the same fabric to insure you have one of the fabric the accurate size. I'm so hoping this is what happened with your cut goods.

We are truly sorry for any concern this has caused you, and want to tell you we are looking into this.
Your comments are really appreciated and this is how we learn and try to get better. 

I would be interested in hearing how other quilters feel about this.     Have any of you  been compensated with an extra piece of fabric? I certainly haven't and I wasn't aware this was happening

And, because I like to have a picture in my post........ 

Here's a picture of where we walk Sam most is good.

Hugs Linda xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Reporting in.....

A short post so you don't think I have disappeared from the face of the Earth!!!  I don't have much to report, it's been very quiet here since Christmas.

I am working on a new tablecloth, I love my wonky star Christmas one so much........

Sam likes it too!'s still on the table opps (and yes before you all start going did get washed first!!!)  so thought I had better do another one,  the top is finished,  I just have to get myself in the mood for quilting now :)... and yes it could do with an iron but I wasn't going to iron it just to fold it back up again, eeeekkkk iron it

I used Fig Tree Butterscotch and Roses and some Oasis by 3 sisters.

Now for a moan, because I am in the mood for one, I have just started cutting fabric for another quilt, and  I am getting a little bit fed up of layer cakes and charm packs not always being the right size...this is just one of the squares in my  Buttercup layer wasn't the only one like this

Come on Moda, get your act together, we pay a lot for these pre-cuts and 1/4" short makes a lot of difference sometimes.

Okay moan over.........  :-)

Hugs Linda xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Pressies for Me!

Well another year has started and seems to be going just as fast as the last one!  I received some lovely gifts, unfortunately the postman must have been extra busy because I didn't receive them for Christmas Day - everybody say "ah",

Here are my gifts from Karen in Australia 

Yummy chocolate biscuits, a lovely ornament and see that pattern,click here to see it on Karen's blog, it's just beautiful, and she also sent some Cottage Garden Threads which I have never seen before.

Thank you Karen, the Teddy Bear chocolate biscuits didn't last long!

And in the New Year (yes that's how long I had to wait for this one - almost six weeks) my Christmas present from my BFF Diane in Canada FINALLY arrived

Hmmm just noticed there is a "blurred" bit on the photos, opps seems my lens needed cleaning, and I can't take another picture because ..err...the chocolate has been eaten...sorry Diane.  So many other gifts, fabric, pattern, buttons, pot holder, Christmas ornament ............ 

 Here is a better picture of my lovely little quilt

Diane has quilted all around the centre heart and it really "pops" 

Thank you so much I love ALL my gifts.

Now while you are feeling sorry for me because I didn't get my gifts in time for Christmas I am going to sneak in another giveaway I won.......

I was the lucky winner of 10 FQs of Penguin Pals and the panel (love that panel) from Jacque at lilypadquilting  follow this link and see what Jacque may take the heat of me for a bit LOL. 

Thank you Jacque .

Hugs Linda


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