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Friday, 28 December 2012

The end of another year.....

Well I don't know about you but this year has gone super fast, although a lot seems to have happened.

I can now show you some zipper pouches I have made, I sent a few of these out for Christmas presents.

This was a really easy pattern and the zips seemed to go in really easy, you can find the pattern here I was really pleased how they turned out.

I had an eventful Christmas first of all I splashed hot fat on my arm on Christmas Day, and YES!!! it did hurt and it now looks like I have some tropical disease!!!   Then on Wednesday I broke a tooth, ouch!  It doesn't hurt but it's very sharp and, of course, my dentist isn't open until the New year.....

And to round off the year Sam came in last night limping, he has done something to his back leg, no idea what but my guess is he has been on the wood pile again and has either fell off or some wood has fallen on him.  He was feeling very sorry for himself last night, he is still limping but bringing his ball to us to play with so we can only presume it's not hurting him as much today.

Don't get much sympathy here.......

Hey, you're on my quilt, how much more sympathy do you want........

Roll on 2013!!

Hugs Linda and Sam


Friday, 7 December 2012


Just a heads up to you all, 1Choice4Quilting are having another giveaway, follow this link to enter.

Good luck everyone!!

Hugs  Linda x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Some of you may already know, but for those that don't, 1Choice4Quilting has a new owner.   Nicole introduces herself in "about us" with a really cute video she and her daughter have put together.  See that button on the right of my blog?  Just click on that and it will take you to their home page.

They have some bargains at the moment take a look at these:-

All these charm packs are on sale at $7.13 each...... bargain!

They have layer cakes and jelly rolls for $29.25 and some really good deals on FQ bundles.

So click on the button on the right and go check them out, say Hi to Nicole, and, you never know, you may see something you like!

Hugs Linda x

Friday, 30 November 2012

Mini Holiday

We have been on a mini holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed it this is Mortagne sur Gironde we were able to park right on the quay side, so pretty.

Don't let that sun fool you, it was freezing!! Pleased to say the central heating was working perfectly!!

All set up for the night, can you see Sam at the's not me he is looking at .....but my new best friends!

He really wanted to play with them but we wouldn't let him LOL.

Sam also has a new name..... Houdini!!

Somehow he got out of his harness in 10 minutes flat, it's the first time he has done it but Lady was always doing it.....maybe she is now letting him in on the secret....... :-)

Hugs Linda xxxx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas has come early....

It certainly feels like Christmas has come early for me.  First of all Santa gave me this..........Oh and  that's sunshine for anyone who hasn't seen any for a while  :-)

Am I excited ?   What do you think!!!

Then I had a lovely squishy parcel (love squishy parcels) which contained  a giveaway I had won from Sandi,   A Legacy of Stitches if you don't know Sandi then you should, she has  a lovely blog. 

This morning I received an email from SewCalGal...........another blog you should follow, though I don't think I know anyone who doesn't....... telling me I was the lucky winner of Jill Finley's new book Home Sweet Quilt so pleased I have won this, I must have entered every giveaway for it!!  

So... like I said Christmas has come early this year!  Now all we need is some warm weather.... roll on summer!!!

Hugs Linda 


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The second dream....

My mojo has been on holiday again, I really am going to have to have a word with her about that.  She is back now and there is some sewing being done, on and off, mostly Christmas presents which I can't show on here because some people are terribly nosey... ;-)

But I can show you something.   As you know I am already living one of my dreams, well....... my second dream is about to come true, can you guess what is it.....

and I am hoping to see a lot of these.....

Sigh...... can't wait.

Hugs Linda xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Especially remembering my Dad today, who was one of the lucky ones, and came home.

1910 - 1996

Hugs Linda 

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Sorry to post again, but.... I have just opened Google Reader - which I do everyday - and find I have 573 unread posts!!! YES! 573 for goodness sakes!   Some going back to beginning of October!!  What is going on.  Does anyone else have this problem, it seems I am only getting a few posts through everyday, and then WHAM a whole bunch come through.

So I apologise if I haven't left a comment on your post.

Fed up now, hate missing out on all the gossip! (and I have probably missed a few giveaways too.... URGHHHH)

Hugs Linda xxx

Welcoming a new Blogger

Hi, long time no post... I know, I know, I don't seem to have the motivation to talk much, I can see some people clutching at their stomachs and laughing out loud, because usually they have to tell me to SHUT UP!!!

I have been busy with Christmas presents,  can't show you because I have some very sneaky friends who want to see what I am making but they will just have to wait until Santa brings it to them.

Just got a new bloggy friend, another UK expat living in France, she has only just started her blog so please go over and tell her Hi!   Fiona  blogs here.......

Did you say "biscuit" by any chance.......

A bientot

Hugs from Linda and Sam  xxxx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

It's Official....

I am an Angel.

Before  we went away I sent a little quilt to Cheryll in Australia, for those of you who don't know,  Cheryll runs Blankets of Love if you want to know more about this project go HERE

Go over and have a look at the quilts that have been made and, if you can find the time to make one, please do, they dont take long and I know Cheryll will be very grateful, as will the people who receive them.

Hugs Linda xxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where have I been....

.....well.... we have been to Brittany for a holiday!!!  I booked a gite, we packed the car and off we went!!

Had a lovely break, just what we needed, the weather was good, no rain until Friday then it poured down but a good time was had by all.

Here are a few pics

 The first two pictures are the gite where we stayed

Sam bringing his ball back, he didn't like walking on the gravel so walked along the edge.....clever my dog!!

The next three are the Nantes Brest Canal at Josselin

Trinte Sur Mer taken from the"pont" (bridge)

Pont de Kerisper Trinite sur mer

Never mind taking a photo.......... LET ME OUT!!

Hugs Linda xxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


To everyone who has left me a comment or sent me an email about Lady, you have no idea how much your kind words and virtual (((Hugs))) have helped.  I want to say a special thank you to everyone who emailed me just about everyday to see how I was and to make sure I was okay, you know who you are, thank you all so much.

It's getting easier everyday, I know it's going to take time.  Sam has been very "clingy" he is following me everywhere, when I am sewing he is at the side of my chair or under the table and when I go to iron he sits under the ironing board.  He is laid asleep under my legs now, I guess it's strange for him, Lady has been a constant in his life too.

At last I have been in my sewing room,  I wanted to do something that didn't take a lot of thought, something that I could just sit at my machine and sew without using any brain cells as I didn't feel like I had any.

 I wanted to do a cover for my lounger, it has a mesh seat so I end up with marks on the back of my legs, not a pretty sight!.... so here it is without the cover

and here it is with the cover,  all pretty and shabby chic.....

I used two charm packs of Papillon, it took 60 squares, I picked out the pinks and blues and creams, the back is just a plain grey.  Now all I need to do is go on holiday so I can use it  "wink wink"    Hubby doesn't seem keen to have one on his chair, can't think why.....I promised I wouldn't use the pink !!!

Hugs Linda 

Friday, 17 August 2012

It never gets any easier..

Today we said goodbye to Lady.  She had had enough.  She deteriorated quickly this week and hadn't eaten anything since Wednesday evening.  It's always a difficult decision to know when it is the right time, it was the right time for her, but not for me, I have lost my little buddy, and it hurts like crazy.

R.I.P Lady of the House

09.04.1993 - 17.08.2012

Missing you already little one.

Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Time goes by.......

Thought I would do a little post just to let everyone know I am still around.

The Lady of the House is taking up most of my time at the moment.

She is having some bad days when she wont eat and drink then perks up and licks her bowl clean.  It is becoming a 24 hour job making sure she is okay, but it's the job I took on nearly 19 years ago, I have looked after her all this time and I have no intention of stopping now.  It does mean that I don't have as much time for me at the moment, so sewing and posting on the Blog are taking a back seat.

I have finished my red and white quilt though.

The fabric is French General Rouennieries Deux and made from the charm packs I won from FQS.

Have you been watching the Olympics... me too!! Loved every minute of it.  In my quiet moments when Lady is sleeping I have started stitching The Patchwork Village by Rosalie Quinlan

I decided to do the stitchery in pinks and greens so it's a little bit different, two down, seven to go!!

Take care

Hugs Linda xxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lucky me!

I was the winner of the Jolly Jabber Bloggers Choice  which was chosen by Cara

Picture stolen from Jolly Jabber.

I think this could become another bright and cheerful quilt!

And, just to prove that things we sew can have multiple uses, here is a picture of our Sam using my kindle cover and the pouch for my MP3 player as a pillow.

If she thinks she is getting these back she is very much mistaken.

Hugs Linda xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

40 Years ago today....

I can't quite believe today it just seems so unreal, but I have checked and checked and calendars don't lie, so it seems today is our Ruby Wedding Anniversary!!    I would like to point out that I was a child bride - and you can stop laughing at the back there...

I met hubs in 1969, got engaged in 1970 and married 1st July 1972.   Lots of things have changed since then, computers, laptops, ipods, mobile phones, coloured photography, hairstyles and fashion!!   In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago and in others it just seems like yesterday.

We aren't doing anything special today, but maybe later in the year will see us jetting off in to the sunset........more of that later!!

I will leave you with a few  pictures, here we are on our wedding day

I will not tell you how long it took me to find these photos, but we have laughed at some of them and been a little bit sad too, as both our parents are not with us anymore.

This one was taken about ten years ago at a wedding.

This is us on the ferry coming back to France from the UK in 2008  - it was freezing!!!

Happy Days!!!

Love Linda xxxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

She's back!!

Mojo is back, though I am not sure where she has been because....she's changed a bit.

Remember these yummy Art Gallery  scraps from Pat Bravo, not my usual colours but.....

they have now changed into this....

Please excuse the feet....

Look how it fits the top of my table!!

OMG I love it!!!!

I had to use a couple of lime green fabrics from my stash as I just didn't have enough.  Not bad from a bunch of scraps though!

I am just going to do straight line quilting on it - wont we look posh at our next picnic!!!

Hugs Linda xxxxx

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