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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Am I Excited?..... You Bet I am!!

About a month ago I was the lucky lucky lucky (did I mention lucky) winner of an Accuquilt GO Baby (happy dance) from Helen over at Bustle and Sew if you don't know Helen I suggest you pop over and have a look.  So, I waited and waited until eventually last week I just had to email and see where it was, turns out there was a mix up with the die I had asked for.... so it was on hold until Mid-December when the new dies arrive.  Well, I hadn't ordered one of the new dies so when this mix up was sorted my little Baby was sent out last Tuesday.

This morning the postman was knocking on our door.... no it can't be......can it?????

Ohhh yes it was...LOOK!!

You have no idea how hard this was for me, first I had to find the camera, then take a picture before I opened the box (I took the paperwork out before I remembered the picture oops)

Here is it ... oh will you just look at that 

and here are the dies 

I asked for Hexies, Rose of Sharon and 4" HST, Accuquilt also sent me a cutting mat for each of the dies, how generous was that.  Of course I haven't opened anything yet  ;o) ....... if you believe that.....OF COURSE I have opened it, have been playing around trying them all excited (have I mentioned that before!)

If you don't hear from me now until next year - you know why!!!!

Thank you Helen for hosting the giveaway and picking me and thanks to Accuquilt for such a generous giveaway and for posting Internationally.

Hugs Linda  :-)  :-)  :-)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

We Have a Winner

Time to pick the winner of MyMemories Suite Software

I did the Random Number thingy but I can't figure out how to copy it on to here, so you will just have to trust me... the winner is number THREE.... Hilachas.. Yeah congratulations.

If you didn't win but would like to buy the software don't forget to use the code at the top of my blog to get your $20.00 reduction.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Memories Suite Giveaway

I have seen a few giveaways for this software over the past few weeks, I looked at it but thought, nope I don't think that's for me.   Then I received an email from My Memories Suite asking if I would like to do a review of My Memories and  host a giveaway on my blog, so I thought, okay will give it a go.  I received the software and had a look through, but it was quite late at night so left it until the next day.   Oh boy was I in for a surprise!!!   I sat there all morning playing with it!!  I love it.  All the different little embellishments that you can add,  be warned IT'S ADDICTIVE!!!

Here are just some of the ones I have been playing with:-

I found this really really easy to do, after the initial half hour !!  I am terrible with instructions, and very impatient - I never look at instructions unless I get stuck - there are detailed instructions and tutorials for this software so if you get stuck help is just a click away.  

There are lots of free kits to download to add to the ones that come with the software, here are some more, told you it was addictive!!

Here is a link to the tutorial I used, it's about 30 mins long but it helped me a lot to see what can be done with this software.

Okay I will stop now.  Would you like to be able to do this as well??  You can if you enter my giveaway. 

You have two chances to win.....

1. Go over to My Memories  and tell me which template you like best.

2,  Follow My Memories either on FB, Blog or Twitter and let me know you have done at least one.

I will pick the winner one week from today on 16th November

Now, if you can't wait until then to get your hands on this software I have a code that you can use to get $10 discount off the purchase price of My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software AND you also get $10 Coupon to use in Store.... that's a total of $20 for you, just use this code STMMMS43974

Good Luck everyone.

Hugs Linda x

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Linky Party

My friend Sunni over at Love Affair With My Brother is having a Linky Party. I am showing my Bronwyn Quilt, go over and have a look at the others, and if you want you can "like" my quilt, (wink, wink)  and why not link  one of your own posts  .... you can win 6 FQs from The Intrepid Thread 

Hugs Linda :-)


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Finally quilted

Remember how I said I had a mental block with quilting, just couldn't get myself motivated.  Well thanks to some bloggy friends, giving me some encouragement and a good kick up the backside.... I actually finished my Bronwyn Hayes quilt. So here it is...

I really enjoyed doing this quilt, I think I was a little disappointed when I had finished the stitchery - I wanted to do more!!!

We have also been busy doing some more renovation to the house, we have replaced an old oak door that has seen better days, was draughty, had no frame at the bottom so the bugs, lizards and sometimes the rain came under it, and in the winter you should have heard the wind howling through it!!!

Here is what it was like 

and here is what it looks like now....

I absolutely love it, we can now see out on to our garden - though the birds have been a bit surprised, they keep coming to the window trying to land on the door - opps it's not there any more!!  Next job will be jet washing those steps!!!

Hugs Linda xx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner......

I always wanted to say that..and now I have!!

Okay then I was going to show you a finished quilt but I know you aren't interested in that, not when there is a giveaway winner to announce,  so without further ado ...... I printed all the comments off, cut them out and put them in a nice bowl, I thought this then gave everyone a chance - we all know how much we hate being number one!!

and the winner is.....

Do you know I may just make you wait and show you that picture after all....... nah  just kidding..

IT'S QUILT SUE  woo hoo

Sorry the picture isn't that good if you click on the picture you can see Sue's comment.

I have sent you an email Sue....congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who entered and "Hello" to my new followers.

Hugs Linda xx

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