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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Missing Quilts

I am helping to spread the word about some missing quilts, rather than me repeat everything SewCalGal has said, here is the link to her, Blog please see if you can help.

It is a very unseasonal, wet, windy and cold day here in France, the coldest I have every known for's getting to be like the UK!!!

Hugs Linda x


Melody said...

How horrible that someone could steal these. I doubt they will end up in Australia but I will keep my eyes open.

Catswhiskers said...

It is truly sad that these master pieces are stolen and like Melody I doubt they will appear around here in Brazil (I am on holiday now) - but likewise it is important to be aware.

I hope you are not ´missing´the english weather! lol

SEW Useful Designs said...

Such a tragedy when quilts go missing... I hope they come to light real soon. x

English weather in France?!! There was English weather in Melbourne this week too!!! Blustery biting winds and dark skies... I even got a wee bit homesick!!! LOL

Hugs sweetie!!!!! Vikki xoxoxo

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