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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Heart to Heart Finished

I finished the binding on my Heart to Heart quilt last night…..late last night, okay in the early hours of this morning, I was determined to get it finished.
There were a few “firsts” for me in this quilt, the first time I had tried something different on the borders, I tried doing lots of leaves but it wasn’t going well so decided it could be Autumn and some leaves had fallen off!!!  That was much better LOL.   Another first was different corners and the first time I have used a stencil.

and this is the back view.


Sorry pictures not very good, was hoping for a nice day so I could take some outside but its cloudy so no good.

I absolutely love this quilt, I enjoyed doing it and and now it’s done I love the bright colours, a little bit of summer on a dull day.  I used this pattern from Moda Bake Shop. I adapted it a little as it was too large for me to quilt, mine measures 60”x60” and I had to fight with this to get it quilted!!

I’ve also made a couple of bags, wow another first for me!! This one took me ages to work out how to put it together, still not sure I have the corners right but it will have to do


Here is the pattern Moda Bake Shop and then I had a go at this one from (sorry I couldn’t get into the link for the tutorials for some reason)  maybe they are updating the site.  I also altered this a bit …. I added the band at the top as I wanted it a little bigger.



Now have to think about what to do next…….

Happy Sunday!

Hugs Linda xx


Terry said...

Your heart quilt looks wonderful! And your bags came out great too! :0)

Diane H said...

Wow! Okay, just called DH over to show him your quilt and he said, "No more days out for you until you can quilt like that!" Love how bright and pretty this quilt is, great job.

Cat said...

Hi! Fabulous quilt! Hard to believe you are fairly new to quilting, you did great!!! It's gorgeous.
Your quilted bags are neat!
You're dogs are adorable, life with a JRT can't be beat! We have 3 females - the fun borders on insanity some days.
Have a good day, Cat

Staci said...

Awww, your heart cute is darling! Great job!
The bags are very nice, such pretty fabrics.
And on a side note, I love your yellow walls. I love yellow, so warm and cheerful!

sunny said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the little extra appliqued hearts. Great job!

Stitched With Prayer said...

My gosh are putting me to shame, LOL. You are on a roll and I adore your quilt. You really did an amazing job on the quilting. I haven't quilted anything larger than 35 X 35, and that can be a battle for me. I'm hoping to get back to sewing very soon I have sooooo many things calling to me. Including the fact that I owe you an email...and you will get it...soon, LOL. In the meantime I'm sending hugs and by the way, your totes turned out so great. I haven't tackled them yet. Though I need to because my old ones are getting very worn out. Okay, here come some more hugs...

Linda said...

Your heart quilt is gorgeous! I'm so glad you told us the size. It's big! You did a beautiful job quilting such a large quilt! The bags are too cute. Love the one in Bliss! I can't believevthose are the first ones you've made!

Julie said...

I love your quilt. Hearts are just what I love. I also loved your comment on Kim's Big Quilting Adventure about your husband not catching on to romance in France. Everything about France seems to be about romance--the movies, the look in magazines like Victoria and on House Hunters International. So many french farmhouses that need remodeling!!! My sister went to France for the anniversary of Normandy. She came home and said she felt left out as everyone in France smokes.... I am so going to start reading your blog and I want to make the heart quilt!
Julie-Julia (Kim's friend in Citrus Heights, Ca, USA.

Karen said...

Stop showing off, smarty pants!!!
Love how much you have done. See how lovely the quilt looks now you are finished. It does look great.And now you are turning into the bag lady as well! And altering patterns. There's no stopping you now.
Gorgeous work all round!
What's next??

QuiltSue said...

Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I still don't believe you are a beginner though, LOL.

quilary said...

Love the quilt, gorgeous colours and hearts - love the bags. You have been incredibly busy with all that quilting too. Thanks for sharing!

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