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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

First sign of Spring

Oh I do love it when the weather warms up a bit, now I know some of you are still freezing and under a blanket of snow and I apologise to those people (sorry Diane LOL) and I know some of you are having 40c heat and are wondering what I am going on about.  But after a freezing winter to be able to go outside for a few hours, to sit with a cuppa and browse magazines, to potter around the garden tidying up the winter leaves, to hang washing out and get it dry…… it’s absolute bliss.


These picture was taken at about 9.30 am we still had frost on the ground.

The above picture was taken at 2.00pm – washing drying yippee!!


This is a view from the gite, please ignore our old banger, we brought it over from the UK and it has served us well for the last 7 years but has failed the MOT and it would just cost us too much to repair it.  So it’s now  used as a tractor on our 2.1/2 acres of land, as we just couldn’t bear to scrap it when it was still in decent condition and we still have a use for it.

Soooo not much sewing getting done today, but have to make the most of these good days, the forecast for next week is rain rain and more rain.

I am making another heart quilt.  This time it’s for my neighbour we have just found out she has breast cancer, as I am typing this she is at the hospital having chemo, she is scared….. so am I…… the quilt is to show her how much I love her, she has been a wonderful neighbour, always there for us, we hardly buy any vegetables in the summer as her and her husband grow loads and there is always a basket for us.  I have introduced them to English bacon and when I give her some she always says “bacon and eggs”   She doesn’t speak any English and my French is limited, but we have become friends, we  just laugh if neither of us understands the other.  I pray from the bottom of my heart that she is going to be okay.
Get well soon Mimi.

Hugs Linda


Linda said...

I will keep your neighbor in my prayers.

I love the photos. It's so nice to see grass and the sun!! Tells me Spring will be here soon too! :-)

Terry said...

How nice to be able to see some grass! We're still buried under snow and ice here! So sorry about your neighbor!

Diane H said...

Oh you! Just wait in a couple of months I'll post pictures like these - darn Canadian winters are sooo long. Will say a prayer for Mimi.

Staci said...

I so enjoyed your photos today! Looks like you had a lovely day. We are having a pretty one here, too!

Karen said...

There is something very special about sitting outside and having the sun warm you.
Good luck with your next quilt and best wishes to your neighbour.

QuiltSue said...

Still not warm enough to do more than run to the dustbin here. Soon though hopefully.

Hope all goes well for your neighbour.

Stephanie said...

I'm sure your friend will love and appreciate her quilt more than you know. I hope all goes well for her.

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