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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Rochechouart - Where I Live

Hi everyone, because for some reason I don’t seem to be able to get myself motivated to do any sewing – I KNOW – check my temperature someone!!  I have decided to show you some pictures of where I live in France.

The first two pictures are of the lake at Rochechouart, last year this was all drained and cleared, it looked awful, bulldozers all over the place, definitely not a place to go for a picnic!!  It is suppose to be finished this year.
On Bastille Day (14th July) we have a spectacular firework display, the fireworks are sent off over the lake, it looks beautiful with the reflection in the water, people come for miles and miles to see it, the roads are packed with cars  trying to get to see the fireworks.  We are lucky, we can walk to see it (though as Rochechouart is on a hill, the walking back isn’t much fun anymore!)
Rochechouart Lake

Rochechouart Lake
The next two pictures are at the night market.  We have a night market every year in August, sometimes we are lucky with the weather sometimes not.  It starts around 6.00pm and goes on until midnight, its a good night for meeting friends, having a stroll around the market, then retiring to a bar for a well earned drink!
Night Market Rochechouart

Singers Rochechouart Night Market
This picture is the Chateau at Rochechouart, part of it has been turned into apartments.  It also houses a modern art museum, but I wish is was still as a Chateau should be, it would be nice to see it with the furniture etc as it once was.
Chateau Rochechouart
This is the church in Rochechouart, a very old  church with a crooked spire.
Church with crooked spire Rochechouart
Rochechouart is a very pretty place, little cobbles streets and higgledy piggledy houses.  A very quiet place to live (except on fete days!), though in the 7 years we have lived here we have noticed it is getting busier.

I will finish with this picture of my SIL and BIL on one of their visits to us, we had just finished our evening meal when I took this picture, and why are they laughing so much you may ask……

Because that is MY GLASS OF WINE she is drinking!!!!!!!!

Family eh, don’t ya just love em……..

Hugs Linda


Staci said...

Beautiful pictures! I can understand why you love it there so much. The twisted spire reminds me of the C of E church in Chesterfield.

Terry said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the chateau! :0)

Diane H said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour, Linda. You have made my day - I will hold in my heart the dream of one day walking these streets and seeing these sites with you my dear friend.

Karen said...

I can see why you choose to live here. It is so beautiful! It must be really hard to spend time in the markets and finish up at the bar. What a struggle!!! Maybe it's the distraction of all this beautiful scenery that is stopping you from sewing.
I wonder if it is because we all did so much before Christmas to meet deadlines that we are now just falling in a heap for a few weeks.
I'll use any excuse!

QuiltSue said...

It looks as though you live in a lovely area Linda.

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