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Monday, 17 January 2011

Cup of Tea Anybody?

Hi everyone, it's been a bright a sunny day here in France, still cold but I don't mind that, seeing the sunshine lifts my spirits.

I finished my stitchery today, this was going to be a mug rug, but when I had finished doing the stitching, I thought it would look nice as a wall hanging, so that's what I did!

If you click on the picture you can see the stitchery better. 

Not sure exactly where I am going to hang this yet, I just took one of my plates off the wall and put it here so I could take a picture of it, it's going to be in the kitchen, but not sure which wall yet.

Hugs Linda


Diane H said...

Love the new header! Your stitchery looks great in that yellow room - think that's where
it's going to have to hang.

Linda said...

Blog looks great. Stitchery is so pretty. Love the little teapot!! So sweet. Looks really nice in that room with the blue plates.

Karen said...

Your stitchery looks great. Love the blues. It works well with the plates, too! Maybe they do need to go together.
HoW is all the fridge moving going?

Staci said...

Your little stitchery looks so great! I love it!
Been busy re-decorating your blog, too! It looks great.

LuAnn said...

Very pretty stitchery, and it makes a nice grouping on that wall with the plates....and I love the fabrics you showed in the earlier post.

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