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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Another Giveaway

Want to win a copy of Vignette????  vignette in stitches has got 10 copies to giveaway, and it's open to anyone.  This giveaway is on until 6th January 2011 - I am off to get my entry in.

I would like to take this opportunity of wishing everyone  a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and look forward to spending time next year with my new quilting friends.

Hugs Linda xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Two More Sleeps

Yep just two more sleeps and its here, then it will be all over for another year!!
I have been trying to get this wall hanging done so that I could have something Christmassy on the wall, its the first time I have done “echo quilting” it’s not perfect but it’s fine for me.  It’s not been in the wash, I will do it after Christmas.
AT LAST!! part of my Christmas Present arrived this morning I am still waiting for a layer cake,  but here is what arrived today.
A book called  “On The Run” by Heather Mulder Peterson, there are  some really lovely table runners/wall hangings in here, and three charm packs……..I can see I am going to be busy next year.

I know I have said this once before, but I am going to say it again (it’s my blog so  I can!) I hope you all have a very very Happy Christmas and Santa brings you  what you asked for.

See you all after the festivities!!

Hugs  Linda

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Flower Sugar Giveaway

If you want a chance to win 20 fat quarters of the above fabric (and who doesn't) then get yourselves over to retromummy and enter her giveaway.  Just look at that fab-u-licious fabric.  I won her last giveaway and as I fully intend to win this one you may want to save yourself some time and not bother entering.....tee hee.
Its open to everyone wherever you live.

Best of Luck Everyone (including me, oh please let it be me)

Hugs Linda xx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sam’s New Coat

My lovely friend Diane over at Sideroad stitcher sent me a copy of her pattern for the dog coat she made for Ruby…..(along with some other prezzies too! Thank you Diane) . 
To make sure it fit Sam and to see if I needed to make any alterations I cut a practice piece out of an old curtain and tried it on Sam for size…..what do you think !
Just look at his face!!! 
He doesn’t seem very happy does he, can’t imagine why, I think the colours really suit him ……. LOL
Don’t worry Sam this isn’t the final version - honest - you are going to get a lovely warm fleece one, we don’t want Ruby upstaging you, now do we!!

Hugs Linda

Friday, 17 December 2010


Well are you all ready, is all the baking done?????  My freezer is full to the brim if we get snowed in it's not a problem, hey my parents taught me well.   Haven't done a lot of sewing but managed to get two cushion covers made, my first home made Christmas items, and I love them.  Will be doing more I think over the holidays.  

Santa has come early for my hubby he now has a playstation 3 so I don't think there will be much talking in our house over Christmas LOL, goodie that means I can go and sit at my sewing machine when he is on the PS - I know how to get what I want - wink wink.

These are just too cute!

Wasn't sure what to do with the antlers, looked through my button box and found some sequins and I think they look okay. Not sure I got his eyebrows right though, he seems to have a crafty look on his face LOL.

Going to have to try and get a santa one made, and then I want to do a wall hanging, and then I want to do a table runner....... errr can we postpone Christmas for a few weeks please!!

The snow hasn't reached us here yet, but looking at the terrible weather in UK at the moment, I don't think we will be long before we see some. 

Hope you are all keeping warm and, in case I don't get to blog again


Hugs Linda xx

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Okay now I have your full attention…who wants to win 28 fat quarters YES I SAID 28.   Sew Unique Creations are having a giveaway of 28 fat quarters from the Shelburne Calico Garden fabric collection

Good Luck everyone (especially ME!!!!!)
Hugs Linda x

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Well....are you all me neither, still got some Christmas cards to write and most of mine are International so I had better get a move on.
This is what we woke up to yesterday morning :-(

Think it's going to be a while before I sit on any of these!!  The snow is still here and it's -4c and the forecast for this afternoon is 2c wow can hardly wait!!

We managed to lock ourselves in this morning, (okay so it wasn't "we" it was me).  I shut the kitchen door with a little more force than normal (no I wasn't cross with anyone) and the inside handle suddenly just spun round and round!!  Oh No!!  So there we were stuck on the inside with the wood on the outside and we needed some for the fire.....luckily we have another outside door in the study so hubby sent me out into the freezing cold (I know! why couldn't he go) to see if we could open the door from the outside - yes we could phew.   It was the metal rod thingy that goes from one handle to the wasn't long enough .... so as I had slammed closed the door the rod had shot through to one side and there was nothing in the inside handle to open the door!  Opps!!  So had to dismantle and "make do and mend" until we can go out and get a longer rod thingy......We were just thankful that (a) the porch door was already unlocked so we could get to said kitchen door and (b) it hadn't happened as we were going out otherwise we wouldn't have been able to unscrew the handle as (for obvious reasons) there are no screws to remove the handle on the outside.....are you all following this!?!?!?!?    I wouldn't mind but this is a brand new door we only bought it July this would think they could get the handles right wouldn't you.    And all this before breakfast too!

Had a go at making mug rugs this week, they seem to have taken me forever, maybe I am being too careful with them, I don't know, after all.......they are only going to get tea/coffee stains all over them!!
    and also in red
    Have a good weekend
    Hugs Linda x

Thursday, 2 December 2010


It seems all I am doing at the moment is posting about giveaways as there are quite a few out there....and here is another hop on over to Hand Quilting for the chance to win a jelly roll. If you enter please tell them Linda at Living The Dream sent you.  

And, if you fancy winning an 18 fat quarter bundle, yep I said 18..... then have a look at Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop  but I have to tell you I am going to win this one!!

Good luck.

Hugs Linda

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Giveaway But Hurry!!

I have only just found this giveaway so I apologise for the last minute notification.  Pink Fig Designs is giving away a quilt.   Good Luck.
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