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Friday, 5 November 2010

It’s Christmas in 50 Days!

Ha - bet that got you all sat up and thinking.  Can you believe it, where on earth has this year gone to….actually where has the last 10 years gone.   So thought I had better get on with some Christmas things.  As I don’t know whether these are staying with me or going as presents, I can only show you  little bits – don’t want to spoil someone’s surprise.
Haven’t quite finished this one yet, waiting for some red ribbon and some snowflake buttons to sew on

This one is finished ready to quilt. 
Now need to buy some nice Christmas material for the backs.

A little update on Sam as so many of you have emailed to ask how he is.  At the moment he is doing really really well, his wound is healing nicely.  The lump on his back has reduced slightly so he has some more anti-inflams until Monday.  Hopefully the first of the stitches will be taken out on Monday too.  He says thank you all so much for your kind thoughts, hugs and prayers for him, we all appreciate it very much.
Sorry pic not too good!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Linda x


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

It is a cute pic!!

p.s. 50 til Christmas means only 48 til my sons first bday...yikes!

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are coming along great!!

I am glad to hear Sam is doing well. I think that is a very cute picture of him. Who could resist that cute face?

give him a good rub for me:)

Ann Flowers

Diane H said...

Hellooo little Sam, big kiss on your nose!!!
Thanks for the Christmas countdown, Linda - yikes. I swear I'm going to get in my sewing room today!!! Your sneak peaks look amazing, that's wonderful holiday fabric. Hugs.

Jennie said...

Oh wow, I love Christmas, I can't wait! What fabric did you use for those quilts? They look cute!

QuiltSue said...

I love that picture of Sam - he looks so sweet. I'm glad he's doing OK, that must eb such a relief to you.

Your sneaky peeks look great, I'm looking forward to seeing the full reveal.

Staci said...

Glad Sam is doing well, and I'm sure you'll both be glad when Monday comes along.

Your Christmas projects are looking great! Those little snowmen are quite the little sweethearts, aren't they?

Stray Stitches said...

Some people are going to be very lucky to receive the wonderful things your are working on. So glad to hear that Sam is doing better. Extra pats being sent his way besides a couple of licks from Weasley and Snickerdoodle.

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