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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lady's Village Houses

The people who have followed me for a long time will remember this quilt (and Lady).  I started making it while watching over Lady in her last few months with us, I could do the hand stitching whilst sitting with her.  When she died I sort of fell out with it, but this year I finally got around to completing it, and I really like it.  It has pride of place on our wall and, if you look closely, you may even see Lady ..............

The pattern is called Village Houses by Rosalie Quinlan

Hugs Linda xxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Waving..... is there anyone still out there.....

Well.... I cannot believe I haven't written anything on my blog since September, but it appears to be true.

I am still around, still sewing, though I do seem to be having problems finishing things (opps).    I attended a workshop for candlewick embroidery.   It's usually done with muslin or calico using the same colour thread.   I made a cushion cover out of mine.

Difficult to get a picture with it being cream on cream! 

I like the technique so decided to try something slightly different and used a red background with the cream cotton.

I think I like this better, you can see the pattern and it looks like lace.

Because I know you like to see pictures of Sam ..... I will finish with a picture of how he helps us with the shopping,  here he is with his head through the handle putting the bag away for me!!

Happy Days!!  

Love Linda and Sam xxxxxxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

"Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.........."

.......and I bet you will all be singing that song now LOL!

Warning, holiday photos again, picture heavy and no sewing!     Early September the weather was lovely so we decided to go off again (such a hard life LOL).   First we went to Sam's favourite place, St Palais in Charente Maritime

How I wish my legs were really that long!

Then on to ile d'Oleron, a small island just off the coast, but it was so busy we only stayed a couple of nights, seems everyone else with a motorhome thought it would be a good idea to be there!  We watched these school children having a sailing lesson, what a lovely way to spend a  morning. The boat towed them to one end of the lake and then they had great fun sailing back (or going round in circles LOL).

How about this for a view, we had our lunch here one day right on the side of the Dordogne river.

Our last camp site was across the river from the town of Limeuil, from the camp site we could walk down to the river 

Sam enjoyed his paddle in the river!

On our way home we stopped at a little town called les Eyzies-de-Tayac.  There was a market on so stopped to have a look around.  

How about one of these for a Des-Res!!

It was a lovely little town and somewhere we will definitely be going back to, we didn't have enough time to have a good look around.  I did a bit of research when we got home and this town dates back to Prehistoric times with cave dwellings, can't wait to go back and have a good look around.

If you have got this far, well done, you deserve a medal!  If the weather stays nice in October we may just sneak another week away before the winter sets in again.    

Just one more picture of Sam enjoying his holidays .....

Hugs Linda and Sam


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Hello, long time no see!  Not had a lot to say really and you know what they say..... "if you ain't got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" LOL.

I've been busy making a few items, some of which have already been sold to friends and family - warm glow.

This is some bunting I am in the middle of making for my Gt Niece, her friend has just had a baby girl, as you can see we are still at the design stage, trying to decide where to put the fabric flowers!

So, that's been me..... busy busy, and dreaming of our next camping holiday.

See you soon.

Hugs Linda xx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summer has arrived!

At long last summer has arrived in France, we are now having the temperatures and the sunshine that we have come to expect.

Since returning from our hols there hasn't been much sewing, but I can show you a couple of things I did before we went and which have now been received.

First is a quilt I made for my first Great Great nephew (yes, in case you were wondering that does make me feel old!)

... and here is Oliver fast asleep on it - not sure why picture is blue,.......maybe it's because he is a boy ;-)

A friend's daughter asked me if I could make a personalised wall hanging for her and this is what I made

I bought and adapted the pattern from here

Last but not least I had a go at making some party bunting, I've just put this on my facebook page and my friend has just bought it !

So, that's it for me, I think I am still thinking about my holidays, or maybe I am thinking about my next one :-)

Oh... and a few more holiday pics..... 

This is Nancy, she belongs to my nephew and his girlfriend

enjoying a sunny afternoon...


and playing

Hugs Linda and Sam and Nancy

Thursday, 20 June 2013

More holiday pictures...

All good things have to come to an end (or so my Mother use to say!) and so we are now home, here are some pictures of the last weekend of our hols.  We stayed at  St Palais sur Mer and it was a lovely hot weekend..... wish I should say the same now, it's dull raining and flipping cold!

Not sure if you can see from the picture but there are fishing nets hanging over the water, we never saw anyone actually fishing with them, maybe they use them early in the mornings.

This pictures shows Sam being naughty, we had just let him off the lead and he started running around like a nutter, suddenly he saw this family and he was off, no amount of shouting was going to get him back.... luckily for us they loved him and made a fuss, but he got a good telling off when we got him back I can tell you!

He loved the sea...

Seems to be popular with the fishermen...

This was where we had our last crepe and coffee on our last night there

and this was the view we had (people were still swimming at 9.00pm)

Our last walk on the beach........

Oh look one of me..... just to prove I was there as well.....

Will definitely be going back to St Palais we all loved it there......

Hugs Linda xxxx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

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